Description Edit

Oculus is a slender, tall figure with pale skin and thin hair.

He seems to be in his fifties, but his true age is unknown.

Oculus' real name is also unknown, just as any other information of his past before joining "Sanctum".

oculus and his powers were intgral to the events of both the "limbo timeline" and the "arcane timeline", in both of which he served Creation rather than unexistance Or Chaos.

powers Edit

present-sight Edit

Oculus is capable of seeing through the eyes of other beings or having 'visions' showing him occurrences that are happening at the time of using the power. He has no limit on the range for this power and due to this is extremely valuable in collecting information.

The power uses the minds of living creatures as "relays" to bounce the sight from- thereby the vision requires a living creature near the requested area for it to work.

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