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Snoop has the abilty to transform to any of five forms representing the five senses at will and at an instant.

Sight: in sight form, Snoop loses all of his facial features and is left with a bald head completely covered with large, completely black, not blinking eyes. Two long slits appear on his neck- presumably as a replacement to a naval cavity. In this form- Snoop can see in every direction at once and in a virtually unlimited distance.

Snoop also has the ability to condence all his eyes into one "main" eye, by doing so the "main" eye achives special properties- it gains the abillity to see the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation (including X-rays, Infra-red, Ultra violet etc.). This form makes snoop a highly useful "Utility" member of a team.

Scent: in Scent form, Snoop's eyes and ears shrink drasticly and move to the sides of his head. his mouth is lost completely. His nose, however grows so that it coveres most of his head, and is transformed to a nose similar to that of a Star-Nosed Mole. While in this form, Snoop's sense of smell becomes so keen, that he is able to no only smell apart different people and animals and locate them by the trail of scent, but also sense any pheromone they exsert and even most diseases and conditions.

Touch: in Thouch form, Snoop's hands are transformed into three tentacles similar to those of an octopus each (six tentacle in total). In this form Snoop can sense the slightest of changes on a surface- even a fingerprint or printed text. But next to that keen sensitivity his arms become powerful enough to crush steel and bone, therefore making this form useful in battle and sef protection as well as in research.

Hearing: in Hearing form, Snoop loses his mouth and his eyes, and his nose is collapsed to two small cavities under the eye- but his ears grow to be larger than his head each, and similar to those of a bat in shape. In this form, Snoop's ears are so powerful he can hear the bloodflow of a person in a different room. He can use his nose to make a clicking sound and echolocate using it.

Taste: in Taste form, Snoop loses his ears and nose, and his eyes merge to one elongated eye. His mouth grows to the point that his head is almost all mouth. His tongue is covered by barbs and his teeth become as large as butcher knives, and as sharp as well. His jaw becomes strong enough to bite through steel blocks with the ease of biting a sandwich. Even though this form has an extremely powerful sense of taste, it is mainly used for combat.

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